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In a digital world of deep fakes, filled with easy copy, paste and download features, how do you prove to the world that your NFT is authentic, original and the REAL DEAL?

Be a cut above the rest and get your NFT audited by NFT Auditors.
NFT Auditors audit your NFT and provide you with an NFT Verification Stamp for you to prove to the world that you are the TRUE OWNER of the NFT and that the NFT includes all other rights which you may be transferring.

NFT AUDITORS Certification is the WORLD CLASS standard in NFT Auditing.

Specialists in Real-World Asset Tokenisation Audits  

NFT Auditors provide audit reports in relation to the Real-World Assets. 


Each audit report:


  • provides an independent valuation of the Real-World Asset to ensure that the value of the NFT accurately reflects the value of the underlying asset,


  • includes verification in relation to ownership and authenticity. The audit report will verify that the NFT is unique and represents ownership of the Real-World Asset;


  • traces the chain of custody of the asset to ensure that it has not been stolen or acquired through fraudulent means;


  • ensures that the ownership of the asset and the transfer of ownership through the NFT are legal and comply with relevant laws and regulations, and


  • verifies the technical specifications of the NFT.

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